Trisha Dunbar is our guest today.  With an academic background in psychology and history, along with a professional background as a senior wellbeing advisor, PR and as a qualified life coach, Trisha isn't your typical language graduate.  However she has combined all of her skills (in addition to her own language learning experience!) to offer a unique take on how people might go about language learning.  Her holistic, mindful approach is something which many of us could learn from.

In addition to exploring her work on her blog entitled Language Learners Journal, we even tapped into her experience and did a role play to recreate a typical conundrum that language learners face - lack of time.  Trisha offered some excellent tips in this (unrehearsed!) situation to help me change my perspective on how I can go about foreign language learning.  

I must also make it clear that we discussed German sausages too.  Yum.


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