We welcomed Petra McGillen, a German native, who is an Assistant Professor of German at Dartmouth College, an ivy league research university in the United States.

She wrote an article recently on the considerations to have when raising your child bilingually, with warnings about the challenges but also about the concrete steps you can take to make sure it works.  

We connected those dots to adults too, and how we might be able to incentivise adults to learn a foreign language, along with discussing what the fundamental components of successful language learning might look like.

We finished off with a brief look into technology used in Germany in the 1800s to write creatively, to provide clues on how technology might be implemented today into language learning.

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The link to the article Petra wrote is here:  http://www.wbur.org/cognoscenti/2017/11/20/foreign-language-learners-petra-mcgillen (note the title doesn't reflect Petra's main thought, which is actually that there are many positives to be had, but she wanted to make people aware of the possible challenges you might face too.  We dig more into this in the conversation!)

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